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The world’s first and only open R&D Data Cloud for life sciences

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Accelerate Discovery and Improve Human Life

Data silos are slowing down R&D teams and limiting their potential to bring advanced therapeutics to market.

The Tetra R&D Data Cloud enables centralized, harmonized, and actionable experimental data so that biopharmas can accelerate discovery.

Tetra R&D Data Cloud

The Tetra R&D Data Cloud combines deep domain knowledge, the industry’s only cloud-native data platform, and the largest network of life sciences integrations, to deliver a future-proof solution for harnessing the power of your most valuable asset: R&D data.

Tetra Data Platform (TDP)

  • Accelerates innovation with the life sciences industry’s only open data platform for experimental data
  • Automates the full data life cycle and enables state-of-the-art data exploration and data science capabilities
  • Eliminates silos to speed collaboration and scientific insights
  • Leverages cloud-native infrastructure for unprecedented elasticity, scalability, and flexibility with enterprise-grade security and compliance
TDP Overview

Tetra Partner Network

  • The largest industry ecosystem of pharmaceutical and biotech companies, lab instruments, informatics software, ELN/LIMS, and CRO/CDMOs
  • The largest and ever-growing set of pre-built integrations, frameworks, data models, data applications, and features purpose-built for life sciences companies
  • Moving the entire industry from a project-based integration paradigm to one of productization > commercialization > monetization > joint product innovation
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Tetra Solutions Team

  • Combines deep life sciences R&D expertise with cloud-native mindsets and data science proficiency
  • Leverages deep domain knowledge of endpoints and data schemas to deliver solutions tailored to specific R&D workflows and unique business needs
  • Synthesizes best-practices learned from leading biopharmas to spearhead scientific discovery with a wide array of purpose-built tools, data models, and pipelines
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R&D Data Cloud Benefits

Reduce Cost &
Increase Efficiency
Break Down Silos &
Ensure Collaboration
Future-Proof Your
Data Strategy

Advanced Data Capabilities

Data acquisition, management, harmonization, integration/engineering, and data science enablement in a single platform.

Productized Integrations

Support for the most diverse array of connections to R&D data systems and an ever-growing network of informatics, CRO/CDMO, ELN/LIMS, and analytics partners.

Cloud-Native Platform

Best-in-class scalability, security, and portability leveraging the forefront of cloud innovation. TetraScience makes it easy for global R&D organizations to seamlessly replatform to the cloud, while maintaining full control of data.

Enterprise-Grade Compliance

Full traceability supports GXP and 21 CFR part 11 compliance, while state-of-the-art cloud-native security keeps data and organizations safe.

Many tasks that once took hours are now completed in seconds.”
William Gown MacDonald
Senior Research Scientist, Prelude Therapeutics

A new approach to building a data-centric Lab of the Future is emerging.

Learn how to get started with TetraScience.
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The Tetra R&D Data Cloud treats experimental data as your core asset, breaking down silos and automating the full life cycle of your data.

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