Flexible analysis, query and visualization of analytical data from any instrumental fleet.

Chromatographic data accounts for ~ 70% of analytical data and underlies nearly every production, safety, fill, and finish step in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Lysakowski, 1995

Optimize Time Studies on the Tetra Data Platform

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) stability studies

  • Track multiple runs over time, easily visualize chromatograms, store and find data later.
  • Input formulation data from any ELN, Excel file, or email.

Finished Drug Shelf-Life

  • Monitor byproducts caused by storage, light, heat, or excipient interaction.
  • Support for materials science studies - SEM, XRD, XPS.

Column degradation

  • Determine if your workhorse columns are close to end-of-life.
  • Leverage TetraScience internal applications to show analyte drift and permit time-series analysis.
  • Visualize data in your preferred suite: R, Spotfire, KNIME, etc.

Unlocking insight: chromatography data

Global pharmaceutical companies are partnering with TetraScience to unify, harmonize, and analyze the large volumes of chromatography data. Learn more about how a Top 15 Global Biopharma uses the Tetra R&D Data Cloud to track system suitability, column lifetime, and API shelf life from a single software system.

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Improve your performance with the Tetra Data Platform

Batch Control / QC

  • Easily create “collections” to group experiments by project, theme, or lab. All searchable and accessible.
  • Query batch data across multiple instruments or vendor types.

Data Governance and Provenance

  • Everything ends up in the TetraScience Data Lake, so nothing is lost.
  • Timestamps and instrumental metadata in Intermediary Data Schema (IDS) ensure you have all relevant information about when, where, and how a sample was run.
  • Grant access to scientists, PMs, or executives to specific experiments including granular time, batch, and sample data.

System Suitability

  • Ensure compliance with USP or ICH guidelines.
  • Quickly capture and formalize workflows to ensure consistency.
  • Export results to your choice of ELN or data analytics package.
  • Learn from your machines - when do they fail? Under what conditions?

Automate Report Generation

  • Generate customized reports on product, sample, batch, project, instrument, method, assay, or other parameters captured in our IDS.
  • Connect downstream applications including visualization tools like Spotfire for automatic data collection, entry, and reporting. The TetraScience API makes connecting new software simple and secure.

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