Data exchange with CROs, CMOs, CDMOs, academic labs and more.

We help integrate external data to enable a distributed model of research.

Integrate multiple partners with automatic data pipelines

Data Sources
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Data Lake
Search, Tagging, and API
Data Targets

Stop manipulating spreadsheets and enable higher-order analytics

Data Targets

Transform files to a standard data model

External partner data is often formatted differently and doesn’t conform to a standard data model. This makes analysis tedious and error-prone. With TetraScience we transform scientific data so you can unlock its benefits quickly and through automation.
Analytics & Visualization

Visualize data across multiple instruments, projects, and vendors

A standard data model and automated data integration puts power in the hands of those who need it. Users can run reports, visualization, and ad-hoc analysis across data produced from various instruments, projects, and vendors.

Automatically move files from your external partners directly into your systems

TetraScience takes data integration to a whole new level with automated data pipelines and workflows. Once your partners upload a new file your data pipelines kick off transforming and uploading your data to where you need it including ELN, LIMS, and databases.

Find files using the TetraScience search interface

Access data from directly within TetraScience using our intuitive search page. Users can search on text including metadata contained within their files and use filter settings that include Data Sources and metadata tagging.

Downstream reporting and analytics

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