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ELN Data Automation

Access and automation across the bioprocess development workflow

TetraScience ELN Data Automation connects Life Science companies with their external partners

Unlock Partner Potential
✓ Standardize and Centralize Externally Produced Files
✓ Enhance Your Existing Process
✓ Move Data Directly to Downstream Data Targets

Example Data Flows

Time saving and Automatically parse and load CRO / Instrument data into your ELN. ELN is not optimized for large data storage, save a reference to your data set in the ELN while keeping the data in TetraScience Data Lake.

Tailor the Data Flow to Your Business Need

Quality check and data integrity

Perform quality check and validation, increasing data integrity. Notify the CRO and/or the scientist

Enrich your data set

Merge extra metadata from different sources, enriching the original data set. Thus keeping your sensitive information away from your CRO and within your control

Apply data science

Execute data science scripts, generating analysis results on the fly.

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