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The Role of Digital CDMOS in Biopharma: Accelerating the Development and Manufacturing of Life-Saving Therapeutics

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Tuesday, October 19th 2021 | 11:00 AM EST

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For biopharma, accelerating time-to-market is more than a business objective; therapeutics can enhance the lives of patients, and even mean the difference between life or death. In order to advance scientific discovery and make therapeutics more accessible to patients, biopharma has begun partnering with CDMOs, (Contract Development and Manufacturing Organizations), to scale their development, manufacturing, and testing initiatives.

Andelyn Biosciences, a full-spectrum CDMO, was founded with the mission to transform, extend, and save lives. The company name pays tribute to two brave young patients that participated in pivotal clinical trials that made today’s gene therapies possible. A critical initiative led by Andelyn Biosciences is the rollout of a Connected Plant that will enable biopharma to replatform their scientific data and workflows to the cloud. This innovative connected approach represents a generational movement transforming the way therapeutics are developed, validated, and brought to market. 

Underpinning this transformation is the industry’s most valuable resource: scientific data. However, organizations face significant roadblocks in their attempt to enable data-driven development and manufacturing, facilitate next-gen analytics, and AI/ML applications: 

  • Data generated from heterogeneous sources is difficult to access and harmonize, resulting in wasted time spent on manual data transcription and data wrangling 
  • Replication of methods and data between departmental groups slows down therapeutic development and increases variability in the manufacturing process
  • Capacity limitations impede the ability to effectively test and safely manufacture therapeutics at scale, further hindering innovation 

To achieve data-driven innovation in therapeutic development, organizations must utilize a scientific data network that spans labs, instruments, departmental units, and outsourced research, development, and manufacturing services. 

Register for the webinar to learn how the Connected Plant:

  • Connects data generated from building and facilities, process and manufacturing, and instrumentation and systems across the laboratory ecosystem 
  • Delivers autonomous operation, predictive capabilities, improved process monitoring and control, and increased data integrity
  • Provides their customers secure, convenient access to harmonized data that is prepared for analytics and visualization
  • Takes advantage of cloud-native technologies, purpose-built for life sciences to accelerate innovation, quality, and manufacturing scale for their biopharma customers
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