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Overcoming Lab Data Inertia: Learnings from a Decade at the Bench

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Biopharmas are struggling to overcome the inertia caused by fragmented, incomplete, and inaccessible experimental data that's locked away in silos and stymies research progress. Without clean, harmonized data, innovative AI/ML applications are barely imaginable possibilities in a utopian future state: the digital lab.

Is a digital lab powered by free-flowing, harmonized experimental data really possible? If so, what are some of the key considerations and pitfalls to avoid while traversing the perilous path to the lab of the future?

In this webinar, Joel Melby, Life Sciences Data Analyst at TetraScience, will share:

  • A lab scientist's perspective on data: lessons learned from 10+years at the bench
  • How to stop wrangling and start learning from your data by integrating data sources and targets
  • How the Tetra Data Platform can accelerate data-driven decision-making by knocking down silos and harmonizing by first intent
  • The value of an open platform in the rapidly changing world of scientific informatics and instrumentation

Watch the webinar to learn how scientists in life sciences overcome data roadblocks and challenges by leveraging cloud-native solutions that treat data as a first-class citizen.

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