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Bidirectional Data Flow: Unlock Discovery and Break Down Silos

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The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored the need for robust, remote data management, global collaboration and reproducible lab automation to accelerate therapeutic and diagnostic discovery. We believe that unlocking and harmonizing experimental data facilitates more effective, safer and less expensive solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges.

TetraScience’s Chief Scientific Officer Mike Tarselli will provide an overview of the technological and organizational challenges facing today’s leading pharma and biotech companies as they seek to accelerate discovery through “Industry 4.0” digital transformation and replatforming to the cloud:

  • How can we break down technological, departmental and geographical silos?
  • How can my organization automatically retrieve experimental data from thousands of heterogeneous instruments and sources?
  • Why collect and process scientific data in the cloud?
  • How can my R&D IT team avoid costly and inefficient point-to-point integrations between data sources and targets?
  • How can I collaborate with my CROs and CDMOs while maintaining data integrity and compliance?
  • What is the best way to harmonize, structure and decorate our experimental data so that it’s clean, consistent and prepared for ELN, LIMS, data science, and AI/ML?
  • Is there a way to fuel innovation by creating a bidirectional feedback loop between analytics applications and experimental instruments?
  • Which scientific scenarios and workflows can TetraScience enable today and in the near future?

Watch the webinar to learn how the top 20 life sciences companies are using an R&D Data Cloud to address these challenges, accelerate innovation and unlock discovery.

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