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Accelerating Life Sciences Discovery by Enabling Lab & Data Automation

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Robotic systems and laboratory automation equipment are data factories. These systems generate terabytes of scientific and event-based data on a daily basis, creating new opportunities to significantly advance drug development and discovery. Many life science organizations are facing new and daunting challenges on how best to manage the scale and scope of heterogeneous data and how to build out infrastructure that allows data to be easily queried to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.

As the generation and access to data continues to explode, the life sciences industry needs to adopt holistic, “data-centric” approaches to how disparate data (EHRs, RWD, genomic, etc.) is generated and used, the role of cloud adoption, and other major considerations to facilitate the future of data handling, generation, and management.

During this roundtable discussion, you will hear from thought leaders in lab automation, genomics, and cloud computing on how they approach challenges associated with data generation and management, how they are establishing cloud-based frameworks for data management and adopting data-centric approaches in building out future processes.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How various industries, (pharma, biotech, cloud), handle today’s data challenges and prepare for tomorrow’s
  • How lab automation paired with data automation creates a “1-2 punch” to promote FAIR data standards, reproducibility, and process integrity
  • How organizations are transforming to adapt to the digital ecosystem
  • How the cloud plays a major role in the future of data automation

This webinar is co-sponsored with HighRes Biosolutions and features industry thought leaders from AWS Healthcare & Life Sciences, Beam Therapeutics, and Recursion Pharma.

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