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Harmonized Tetra Data speeds and smooths collaboration across your organization and with global partners

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Ready to streamline your approach to R&D collaboration?

Ingest data from external partners, transform data to a harmonized data model, search, filter, tag, and easily visualize data across sources to streamline your distributed R&D strategy.

The Platform Designed for Collaborative Innovation

Top pharmaceutical companies are moving to a distributed R&D model to drive innovation, with help from the Tetra Data Platform.


Automatically move data from your external partners to the Tetra Data Platform without changing how your CRO/CDMOs submit data and trigger pipelines to transform and transfer your data to any destination including ELN, LIMS, and databases.


External partner data may vary in format. This makes analysis tedious and error-prone. Save your data scientists and data engineers time on busy-work, through automated data transformation to your standard data model.

Built-in data quality reporting on the Tetra Data Platform ensures consistency of data across sources and reduces feedback cycles from days and weeks to minutes. Automatically add metadata and tags to ingested data sets. Search and filter data from a unified view within the Tetra Data Platform.


The Tetra Data Platform makes data science and analytics easier by integrating unified  data with your favorite reporting and visualization tools to view data from different batches, compounds and assays, improving the quality and efficiency of your distributed research.

Don’t take our word for it, hear from our customers.

Two Boston-based biotechnology companies specializing in gene therapy and precision medicine are leveraging the Tetra Data Platform to streamline collaboration and enable FAIR access to pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic results. Read our case study to find out how the Tetra Data Platform supports distributed research and accelerated discovery.

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Biotechnology companies can now fully utilize their ADME data across different CROs, including querying and visualization of data sets, using their existing data science and analytics tools.

TetraScience Enables Distributed Research

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The Tetra R&D Data Cloud treats experimental data as your core asset, breaking down silos and automating the full life cycle of your data.

To see the Tetra R&D Data Cloud in action, submit a request and our team would be happy to follow up with you regarding a live demo.

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