Smart Laboratory Scheduling

Optimize your lab resources and streamline projects with a scheduling solution that is purpose-built for the lab.

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Instruments, People, Tasks, & Projects

TetraScience Scheduling allows laboratories to schedule not only instrumentation and equipment, but also the people who use those devices, and the tasks that need to be run on them. Labs operate smoothly with full visibility into resource availability, reservations, maintenance, reporting, and more.


“TetraScience Scheduling is helping us to more efficiently schedule our scarce resources, which directly saves scientific time and accelerates time to market.”

Benjamin Van de Graaf
Operations Manager, Kallyope

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Dynamic Calendar

TetraScience Scheduling displays real-time availability of your equipment, the metadata associated with reservations and instruments, and enables one-click reservations and service requests.

User Friendly

Easy-to-use and accessible from any device, TetraScience doesn’t require a software install or IT resource. Connect with our support team anytime you need with in-app chat.

Operational Reporting

Dive into your scheduling data to surface the operational insights most important to you. Track project progress and understand which instruments are out-of-service the most.

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