Complete lab monitoring

TetraScience enables you to monitor your important equipment (e.g. freezers, incubators, and fume hoods) using one or more of our integrated sensors (e.g. temperature, CO2, humidity, O2, etc.). Monitor each parameter, store the data, and send alerts when they deviate.

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Freezer & Incubator Monitoring

TetraScience streams data from the equipment straight to your phone/tablet/PC.

Our technology allows you to set real-time alerts for a variety of parameters (e.g. temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, etc.) and get notified immediately when something goes wrong.

Freezer and Incubator monitoring | TetraScience Lab Monitoring
Freezer and Incubator monitoring alerts | TetraScience Lab Monitoring

SMS & Email Alerts

Alerts can be configured to send directly to your phone and to your email

Real-time device alarms

Get notified as soon as something goes wrong

Browse or Download Historical Data

We store the historical data from your equipment the moment TetraScience is installed. This capability allows you to review previous experiments to see if your samples have been compromised, and thereby eliminating the influence of variability in experiments.

Browse or Download Historical Data | TetraScience Lab Monitoring

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