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The platform to connect and streamline scientific data, workflows, and operations.

Key Pillars of Value to the Life Sciences Companies

One cloud repository to access all of your instrument data

We provide one vendor-neutral Data Integration Platform on top of all the instruments for data extraction and data management, such that you only have one platform, and one set of APIs to work with, instead of dealing with tens to hundreds of vendor-specific data silos.

We know that Life Sciences companies are embracing the cloud, we’re Cloud-Native and built to help your transition to the cloud

Built on AWS to leverage state of the art cloud services for security, portability, and scalability. We move on-premises instrument data to the cloud and accelerate your transition and adoption of the cloud.

Platform-based Integration Eliminates Point to Point Connection

Life Sciences companies are suffering from point to point integrations. Data sources and data targets are tightly coupled, leading to a fragile data landscape that is mostly to maintain since change in one system will influence all of its connected systems. Instead, TetraScience serves as the telephone switchboard and uses event-driven data pipeline/data lake to decouple data systems and significantly simplify data integration complexity by an order of magnitude.

Life Sciences-focused Data Engineering to accelerate your adoption of Data Science and Machine Learning

Before Life Sciences can use their R&D data and gain insights, the data sets need to be extracted, normalized, cleaned up, standardized and can move freely between different source and targets. TetraScience serves as an end to end data engineering solution for scientists and data scientists to directly search, reporting and build applications on their data, by providing powerful data acquisition, data storage, data processing, and pipelining modules.

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