Waters Empower Data Science Link Application

Waters Empower Data Science Link

Gain insight and analyze your experimental data using state-of-the-art data science tools. Unleash the power of your experimental data and save hundreds of hours

How it works


TetraScience's Empower Data Agent is the fastest and most sophisticated data acquisition tool to extract structured data from Waters Empower. It only takes minutes to install the Agent.

  • Battle tested data acquisition
  • Sophisticated agent configuration
  • Comprehensive extraction


Upload the extracted data as RAW JSON to the TetraScience Data Lake via our Data Hub. A unique trace identifier is attached, and a single point of outbound traffic via the TetraScience Data Hub is designed to provide enterprise IT/Network with control.

  • All files are versioned
  • Configurable metadata and tags are attached per Agent and per Data Hub
  • Built-in retry and local storage to protect against network interruption


A Data Pipeline is automatically triggered to transform RAW JSON into IDS JSON, turning Waters specific data into generic data sets.

  • Searchable data transformation logs
    provide comprehensive proof of data
  • Cloud native and scalable docker-based
    transformation is ready to handle
    significant data load


Build search index and data catalog to prepare the
data for consumption. Use your favorite data science tools and programming language to analyze your HPLC data.

  • Fully automated and nothing you need to worry about
"We believe that dynamic, young companies like TetraScience have an enabling role to play in advancing the way the scientific community collects, shares and analyzes R&D data."
- Alan Millar, Sr. Director of Corporate Development for Waters Corporation
"Users are demanding greater levels of fluidity from their analytical data and using application programming interface (API) technologies, open data standards and partners like TetraScience, can potentially help users create data lakes and unlock the power of big data."
- Steve Smith, Vice President for Waters Informatics

Control charting, chromatogram overlay, anomaly detection, batch comparison, and column degradation.

Use state of the art business intelligence and visualization tools like Tibco Spotfire, Tableau, PowerBI, and QlickView to gain a richer understanding of your experimental data sets.

Share dashboards and insights with your colleagues. Get real-time insights about your experiments.

Query your Empower data using Elasticsearch and SQL. Use Python, R, or Jupyter Notebook to freely explore your data sets.

Combine your HPLC analytical data with process data and other analytical results to generate insights.

The Empower Data Science Link is an application built on top of TetraScience's Data Integration Platform.

TetraScience's Empower Agent is the most sophisticated data acquisition tool to extract data from Empower - select projects; detect reprocessed injections; track extraction, generation and upload status and logs; and support many other features.

Install and get it up running within minutes. There is no reason to keep your data in the silo!

Automate your Waters Empower data flow today - contact a product expert

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