Scientific Data Acquisition

Automate your experimental workflows

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Spend your time on discovery, not data retrieval and transcription

See the promise of automated data acquisition finally delivered at enterprise scale through the Tetra Data Platform. Our productized integrations easily connect the industry's top instruments and software to aggregate R&D data in the cloud.

How it Works

We’ve built, tested, and productized automated data acquisition to ingest your R&D data, whether on prem, in the cloud, file, software or IoT.

Enterprise Features for Your Digital Lab

Fast Deployment and Highly Configurable

Allows for single- and multi-tenant deployments, and takes just minutes to deploy.

Comprehensive Metadata Tagging

Logs all inbound data acquisition and applies metadata tags to maintain context around data and maximize its long-term utility.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Eliminate risks to data integrity and simplify oversight with centralized credential management, end-to-end audit trails, and compliance-enforcement features.

Automated Change Detection

Detect new data coming from instruments and systems and upload it to the cloud automatically, allowing scientists to focus on their experiments instead of manual data retrieval and transcription.

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The Tetra R&D Data Cloud treats experimental data as your core asset, breaking down silos and automating the full life cycle of your data.

To see the Tetra R&D Data Cloud in action, submit a request and our team would be happy to follow up with you regarding a live demo.

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