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"TetraScience Monitoring improves our day-to-day operations by eliminating administrative bottlenecks and disruptions."

Lea Medeiros, Senior Lab Manager @ Mass Innovation Labs

Wholistic Lab Monitoring

TetraScience enables you to monitor your most important equipment. Connect freezers, incubators, fume hoods, and much more to monitor and store temperature, carbon dioxide, humidity, and oxygen data. Best of all, TetraScience alerts you if a parameter deviates from your desired threshold.

Integrated sensors and instrument connections

Stream data from your equipment straight to a phone, tablet, or PC. TetraScience connects with just about any instrument using one or more of our integrated sensors or instrument integrations.

Alerts from anywhere in the world

If something goes wrong you get notified immediately via text and/or email. Set alerts precisely by defining thresholds for an instrument or class of instruments.

Browse and download historical data

TetraScience stores historical data allowing you to review previous experiments. Eliminate guess-work and variability by review experiments and sample data.

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