Lab Monitoring Application

Care for your lab equipment
from anywhere

Freezer door left open. CO2 incubator temperature drops. Liquid nitrogen level is low. Know how your lab is operating in real-time, all the time.

How it works

Keep tabs on meaningful changes in your lab

Detect changes to your lab equipment and environmental conditions that require corrective action. Whether you are on site, in a meeting, or home watching TV, have peace of mind that you will know instantly if a set threshold is exceeded.

  • Monitor nearly any instrument, equipment, parameter, or environmental condition
  • The magic happens via our IoT hardware device + sensors; installation included; 21 CFR part 11 ready + comprehensive incident reporting

Act quickly to correct deviations and prevent losses

Catastrophic failures. Predictive maintenance. Or just user error like unintentionally leaving a door open. Know immediately when something happens so you can react quickly. We work with you to send the right alerts to the right people under the right circumstances to avoid alert fatigue while keeping samples and experiments safe.

  • Set custom parameters or choose our recommended set points
  • Audible alarms address careless behavior
  • Text, email, and phone call alert options

Automate data capture and storage

Reduce human error in data collection. Enrich experimental data with environmental conditions or user behavior. Between our IoT gateways and Data Integration Platform, we can automatically capture nearly any lab data and send it to the cloud, your LIMS, or wherever you want it to go.

  • Save all your historical data
  • 24/7 data capture
  • Audit trails for compliance
  • Data in one place for easy download to excel

Optimize your lab instrument operations

Gain insight into instrument utilization to inform purchasing decisions. Help scientists plan their experiments in advance. Understand who and when instruments are used most frequently. Upgrade from pen and paper or excel spreadsheets to a modern shared scheduling platform, and make scheduling a data-driven asset.

  • Download csv files with instrument usage data
  • Optional add-on to the Lab Monitoring System
  • Easier to use than Google Calendar or Outlook
Use cases
"TetraScience Monitoring improves our day-to-day operations by eliminating administrative bottlenecks and disruptions."
- Lea Medeiros, Senior Lab Manager @ SmartLabs
"Our TetraScience system is absolutely critical right now. It allows us to monitor lab equipment remotely, which reduces the need to be physically present, keeping our employees safe at home."
- Julie Rice, Senior Manager, Operations at Maze Therapeutics

Key Features

Easy-to-use and configurable

modern user interface with flexible options for alerting


use any type of sensor, and monitor any number of pieces of equipment

Dedicated customer support

live chat, phone, and email, with industry-leading response time


any brand/manufacturer; nothing is left out and everything is in a single dashboard

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