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Data fuels innovation. Our integrations—instrument, software, database—are built for life science discovery.

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TetraScience helps eliminate data silos and improve lab efficiency. We're built on best-of-breed technology and have integrations with top instrument and software vendors.


Scientific data available via search, API, and download.

Data Lake as-a-Service

Flexible search and storage with an out-of-the-box data lake. We're built on AWS making search fast and big data ready.

Dedicated API

Query and access scientific data stored in TetraScience through a powerful and expressive data lake API.

Machine learning & AI ready

Enable cross-functional analytics including machine learning and artificial intelligence with standardized machine-readable data formats.


1 to 1000 instruments and hundreds of software systems. We're ready to handle your infrastructure needs.

Instrument integrations

Across instrument classes and vendors, TetraScience integrates with the most popular equipment used in today's scientific workflows.

Software integrations

ELN, LIMS, document management and storage—TetraScience integrates with software used in the lab and beyond.

Commercial support

TetraScience is not a consulting firm. Our clients enjoy platform support and regular product updates.


We partner with some of the most innovative life science instrument and technology companies to bring our customers a seamless experience.


TetraScience cleans your data as it moves through the integration engine. From target to consumer, via standardization or customer-specific logic, data across your organization is made more reliable and usable including alerts to potential data hygiene problems.

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"As we drilled into specific workflows and solutions it became clear that this was a partnership we wanted to expand upon."

Joe Kennedy
Director IT & Informatics @ Tango Therapeutics

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