Collect data from instruments and software, on-premise and the cloud

Our Connectors, DataHub, DataLake, and data models enable data access, standardization, and centralization across the ecosystem of disparate and constantly changing scientific data.


Point to folder/directory

Directory watcher uploads files from a folder that you set. Perfect for data transfer with a CRO or instrument files.

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IoT live stream

Serial communication and added sensors connect instruments that would otherwise be disconnected from the cloud.

pH meters
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Software and API

Our partner list grows weekly. Direct instrument and software integrations make data transfer quick and easy.

Tibco Spotfire
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Upload via on-premise or cloud

Deployed inside your environment, the DataHub securely uploads data to TetraScience. It provides an easy, configurable way of collecting data from your on-premise and cloud-based instruments and software.

Directory Watcher
Waters Empower

Data model for standardizing across sources and workflows

In order to create information data must speak the same language. That's why we have a standardized data model that's easy to use and scalable. We also work with Allotrope Foundation for customers who require Allotrope conversions.

Intermediate Data Schema (IDS)

Once data is acquired by the DataHub, TetraScience transforms data into an Intermediary Data Schema (IDS). The IDS is a JSON file that organizes metadata in a structure that is easy for humans to read and write and for machines to parse and generate.

IDS hierarchy:

  • Injection
  • User
  • System
  • Project
  • Sample
  • Method
  • Result
Example IDS JSON

"file": {
"data": {
   "user":string"Jane Smith"
"method":    {

TetraScience DataLake

The TetraScience DataLake stores raw data and IDS files. Our DataLake is use-case agnostic meaning it will not store the data in a format for a specific workflow or business problem. Raw data is not changed but rather tagged or annotated with the proper metadata making it easier to find.

Health check and error notifications

Does a CRO template have all required information? Has a plate run ended and been written to the assay database? Our status dashboard gives users a health check of data moving through TetraScience and reports any potential issues.

Allotrope Data Format (ADF)

The Allotrope Foundations is creating a framework for data standardization (called the Allotrope Data Format - ADF) with a prescribed set of ontologies. TetraScience, being a technology partner of the Allotrope Foundation, offers ADF convertors for organizations who leverage the Allotrope Data Format.

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Downstream access to raw and standardized data


Search across raw and standardized (IDS) data files including by Batch ID #, Method Name, Scientist/Engineer, Project, CRO, etc. Organizations can define their own metadata as well as tag folders to make this process more intuitive and powerful for end users.

Software integrations

TetraScience offers an API to move data directly to downstream applications, including automatic ELN or LIMS entry, data visualization, assay information, and much more.

AWS Athena

Query data via SQL using AWS Athena—a product designed for high-volume workflows including the visualization of several hundred injections or machine learning algorithms.

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