Incubator monitoring

TetraScience Lab Monitoring for incubators and ovens ensures your cultures remain at the right temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels. You'll know if a door is left open or an incubator/oven malfunctions.

Monitor important parameters throughout the incubation lifecycle

If any parameter deviates from your specified level you get alerted to it. That includes temperature, humidity, and carbon dioxide levels.

Incubators we monitor

We monitor some of the most commonly used incubators in today's research. Connect with us if you have an incubator that's not listed here. Chances are we can help monitor important parameters.

Tissue culture incubators
Shaking incubators
Biosafety cabinets
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Monitor the cold storage you already own

Low & ultra-low temperature freezers

Freezers often used for storing biologics including -80º can be monitored for temperature, door open/close, and light.

Lab freezers

Monitor -20º and -30º freezers for temperature, door open/close, and light ambiance.


**update me** It provides an easy, configurable way of collecting data from your on-premise and cloud-based instruments and software.

What we monitor

TetraScience monitors important environmental parameters within incubators alerting you to important changes or parameters that go outside of bounds.


Monitor and record temperature during incubation. Set the bounding temperatures at which you are alerted.


Humidity monitoring ensures if incubators malfunction your culture might be saved by alerting to humidity that's outside of bounds.


Monitor carbon dioxide levels ensuring your cultures are kept in the right environment throughout their growth.

Send incubator data directly to ELNs and more

Our IoT connection is capable of sending incubator data (temperature, humidity, etc.) directly to downstream targets including ELN, LIMS and more.

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