Freezer monitoring

Freezers slow the rate of degradation of invaluable materials enabling recovery and use at a later point in time. A deviation of temperature, no matter how brief or how small, may ruin the work. TetraScience protects that which you hold in cold storage.

Door left open? We got you

TetraScience alerts you to open doors in multiple ways. This ensures you always catch any open doors before they destroy your samples and work.

Cold storage units we monitor

We monitor -20º, -80º, and refrigerators and more right out of the box with our IoT software and hardware.

Low & ultra-low temperature freezers
Lab freezers
Cryotank / Liquid nitrogen tank
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Monitor the cold storage you already own

Low & ultra-low temperature freezers

Freezers often used for storing biologics including -80º can be monitored for temperature, door open/close, and light.

Lab freezers

Monitor -20º and -30º freezers for temperature, door open/close, and light ambiance.


**update me** It provides an easy, configurable way of collecting data from your on-premise and cloud-based instruments and software.

What we monitor

TetraScience monitors important environmental parameters within cold storage alerting you to important changes or parameters that go outside of bounds.


Temperature monitoring takes into account the rhythmic cycles of cold storage temperatures alerting you to when there's an actual problem.

Audible door alarms

Our Contact Closure Sensors will sound an audible alarm when disconnected, like a door being left open. Perfect for monitoring storage without relying on temperature.


Light sensors allow us to monitor additional environmental parameters within cold storage besides temperature. Monitor ambiance including how much light and the intensity within storage.

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