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An easy, secure solution to enterprise data management and data sharing.

By centralizing your R&D data on the Tetra Data Platform, you’ll benefit from programmatic data preparation, native integrations with CRO/CDMOs and informatics applications, and myriad data-centric features purpose-built for life sciences R&D.

How can TetraScience support your unique data management needs?

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The Tetra Data Platform is Built to Enable Collaboration

One Cloud-Native Repository for your R&D data

Centralize your data while maintaining full control — think of TetraScience as a layer living on top of your data infrastructure, instead of a box locking your data away.  

Programmatic Data Sharing

Enable seamless access to data sets and their lineage through the TetraScience API.

Data Integrity and Access Management

Create a standard ontology and control vocabulary across R&D data with centralized metadata and tag management.

Data Security and Compliance

Collaborate seamlessly and securely with comprehensive logs to maintain data traceability and single sign on (SSO) capabilities for centralized user authentication. Control data hygiene while enabling access to specific data sets and their lineage, using role-based permissions.

Use Case Spotlight: Distributed R&D

Fulcrum Therapeutics needed a solution for validating data integrity, standardizing and visualizing data, and scaling their distributed research activities to accelerate drug target identification. Contact a TetraScience Solution Architect to learn more about TetraScience for Distributed Research.

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