Automatically convert your files into a single format.

Package your heterogeneous experimental data sets into a single file, leveraging Allotrope Ontology and HDF5,  designed for Data Science and Cloud Computing.

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Package your heterogeneous experimental data sets into a single file, leveraging Allotrope Ontology and HDF5,  designed for Data Science and Cloud Computing.

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How it Works

Ingest inputs using JSON

Simply package your experimental data in JSON format and send to the File Converter via a web API. Your input will be automatically validated and feedback will be returned if there are any data integrity issues.

  • IDS validation will be performed to ensure input is valid
  • Conversion will be automatically triggered
  • Trigger rules are configurable

Automated conversion

Convert IDS files into an ADF-compatible format in the cloud. Package everything related to the experiment into one HDF5 file, such as results, method, multi-dimensional matrix and raw data, etc., adding units to the HDF5 data sets.

  • Uses Allotrope Ontology and QUDT to build RDF graphs in the data description
  • Leverages the models built by the Allotrope Modeling Working Group
  • Native HDF5 file, which can be consumed by Python, R and open source tools

Flexible search

Every ADF-compatible file is automatically saved in the TetraScience Data Lake, indexed, and searchable. Find your converted, ADF-compatible files based on sample id, method name, and various other fields.

  • Search using Elasticsearch and SQL
  • Flexible web API
  • All files are versioned
  • Add your metadata and tags

Consume your ADF files

Retrieve your converted, ADF-compatible files and browse the content using any HDF5 compatible tools. Merge the RDF graphs in your own triple store to build knowledge graphs.

  • Compatible with Python, R, Spotfire, Tableau and your favorite data science tools
  • Compatible with HDF5's Kita and HSDS

"The team at TetraScience has been an active partner in the Allotrope ecosystem and has made numerous contributions to the technical efforts to extend the Framework and collaborate to facilitate adoption efforts within the ecosystem. They've also demonstrated a high degree of agility and creativity in developing solutions on their cloud-based platform that enable the adoption of the ADF from a wide array of instrument types in our lab informatics environments and facilitate data integration."


Chair ex officio of the Allotrope Foundation Board of Directors

Easily store data in ADF-compatible files

TetraScience's File Converter saves the TTL and IDS JSON into the data package of the ADF-compatible file, thus allowing the ADF-compatible file to be consumed as a pure HDF5 file without any hard dependency on the Allotrope Java/C# library.

TetraScience's File Converter also uses HDF5’s native attributes to store key metadata for the datasets, allowing you to use Python and Jupyter Notebook to slice and retrieve your data cubes.

Leveraging the vast data science and software packages provided by Python, scientists and data scientists can now unlock the power of their ADF/HDF5 files and the data cubes.

Incorporate data packaging programmatically

Ingest your input file via web API. Trigger the file conversion and retrieve the converted results programmatically.

Handle high throughput conversion using scalable cloud infrastructure and event driven architecture.

Incorporate data packaging into your architecture seamlessly and build applications around the File Converter.

Automatically trigger the file converter application

The File Converter is an application built on top of our Tetra Data Platform. The application is triggered whenever the TetraScience Data Agents or Data Connectors collect data from the lab.

Now your scientists can focus on experiments. TetraScience will automatically collect all the data and package it into ADF-compatible file for you.

Convert your data into an ADF-compatible file today

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