Cloud-enabled, fast.


Bring your instruments online and let data stream to wherever your customers want. Talk with us today about integrating your instrument directly to the TetraScience platform.

How The Cloud Helps You

Higher Value Instruments


Cloud connectivity provides your customers with new capabilities and enables them to focus more on their experiments and data.

Remote Diagnostics


Servicing departments operate faster and provide better support as they are able to remotely access and accurately toubleshoot equipment. 


Analyze Instrument Performance


Fleet-wide analytics on your product 

gives manufacturers greater insight into device performance and opportunities for improvement.

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Turnkey Cloud-ification


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Stage 1 - Development 


We can customize our software platform and TetraScience Link to work with your product.

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Stage 2 - Testing & certification


We test the integration hardware created for your product, and ensure it is logging correctly to our database and meets certifications.


We can also set up remote diagnostic capability for your team to service products in the field. 

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Stage 3 - SALES & Marketing SUPPORT 


Now your cloud-enabled product is ready!


We work side-by-side with your Go-To-Market teams to prepare marketing collateral, to train your sales force, and to leverage media to promote the cloud-enabled features of your product. 

Universally Compatible


TetraScience “bolts on” to existing instruments since they have an open protocol. With hardware interfaces and protocols provided, we can enable your device on our platform quickly. 


Multiple Supported Protocols

RS232    RS485    USB    API,  etc. 

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