How it works

TetraScience works by physically connecting your instrument to a TetraScience Link - usually with a sensor or USB cable. Real-time information is transmitted via Wi-Fi from your instrument to your TetraScience dashboard, accessible from any Internet browser.

Up and running in no time

Step 1

Receive a TetraScience Link

Your TetraScience Link comes pre-configured depending on your needs, and is either shipped or delivered to you by our integration team

Step 2

Connect it to your devices

Connect the TetraScience Link to your instrument’s RS-232, USB, Ethernet, etc. port

Step 3

Set up your mission control

After successfully connecting your devices to your TetraScience Link, you can configure your Mission Control software to your wants and needs

Step 4

Access it from anywhere

All TetraScience software is accessible from the web via your phone, tablet, or computer, so you get a real-time pulse on your laboratory, and your experiments

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