The Connected Enterprise: Accelerating the automation of laboratory processes

June 29, 2023



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LIMS, ELNs, and hundreds, if not thousands, of instruments are deployed across your enterprise. With limited resources and time, how will you connect and automate your scientific data workflows and ensure that you can maximize the value of your scientific data?  With the right strategy and partners, this daunting task can be a lot easier, faster, and produce more value than you might imagine.

In this webinar moderated by Dr. Daniela Jansen, VP of Scientific Product Marketing at TetraScience will discuss with Jorg Lehmann, Product Manager, AGU and Michael Huang, Director of Product Marketing, TetraScience will share how to digitalize process automation at scale.


Jörg Lehmann, Product Manger, AGU

Mike Huang, Director of Tetra Partner Network, TetraScience

Daniela Jansen, VP of Scientific Product Marketing, TetraScience

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