Tetra in Action!

October 11, 2022



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Scientific data unequivocally holds the power to fuel innovation, provide insights through advanced analytics and AI/ML, and drive outcomes that improve human life. Have you unlocked the full potential of your scientific data?

The vendor-neutral, cloud-native, purpose-built Tetra Data Platform seamlessly connects your instruments and systems and engineers your raw, primary data in the cloud to a form that's harmonized, enriched, and actionable.

In this 30 minute demo of TetraScience and Empower, you’ll see:

  • Ingestion of Waters Empower Injection data to the Tetra Data Platform
  • Enablement of FAIR data practices for data once in the Tetra Data Platform
  • Access to associated metadata and aggregated data through 3rd party tools such as Spotfire and Jupyter Notebooks.