Biopharma smart factories: Achieving next-generation performance

February 23, 2023



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Within the extreme complexity of biopharmaceutical manufacturing and quality, it might appear that there are many paths to produce next-generation performance. However, without first getting grounded in identifying the value of a solution to solve business problems, enormous amounts of time and money can be wasted with little impact. In this webinar, our speakers will share the four levers that make the Smart Factory a reality and how to master them using a digital maturity model.

  • The four levers and how to leverage data to produce the right analytical outputs in each:
  • Human Performance - reducing errors
  • Process Performance – increasing yield
  • Asset Performance – maximizing uptime
  • Network Performance – optimization outcomes
  • How to calibrate your current state using a digital maturity model
  • How to create a foundation that supports unrestricted digital innovation
  • How to maximize the value of your scientific data and analytics for competitive advantage