Data strategy workshop

with the TetraScience Solution Architecture team

TetraScience offers a Data Strategy Workshop with our Solution Architecture team in order to surface important information about your organization's data flows, help architect a solution unique to your environment, provide data integration best practices, and identify high impact areas.

Collecting scientific data from instruments, systems and external collaborators is complex. We collaborate with your team—executive sponsors, project leaders, scientists/engineers, technical stakeholders—from the very beginning to help guide the appropriate focus areas, strategy, and ensure strategic alignment.

We provide best practices gathered from supporting more than 100 pharmaceutical/biotech companies and instrument manufacturers that you directly benefit from. Data from our customer's experience shows the time invested upfront in a workshop significantly reduces risks in project execution, better quantifies project scope and ultimately result in more predictable and successful project delivery.

Goals of your workshop

Together, we'll work with key stakeholders to define clear goals for your workshop. These often include:

  • Detail data flows to prepare data for ELN, data lake, visualization tools, and other uses

  • Discuss TetraScience data models & organization metadata terminology

  • Identify business value and ROI

  • Estimate project timelines and identify potential implementation risks

Key deliverables

  • Customized agenda developed via pre-workshop survey

  • Summarized findings and recommendations can include:
    ∙ Project plan and technical architecture diagram
    ∙ Suggested data models & terminology
    ∙ Data management/analytical tools recommendations
    ∙ Business impact review
    ∙ Technical & customer requirements
    ∙ Risk categories

All of the workshop deliverables will be used towards any subsequent project.


TetraScience realizes this relationship is one of high trust. Information including but not limited to data, diagrams & illustrations, instrument lists, business practices, intellectual property, network configurations is strictly confidential and is only utilized by TetraScience for the stated purpose of this workshop and any subsequent engagement to provide services to the client.

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