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TetraScience will engage with select customers to provide consulting services. Our mission is to help analyze the customer’s laboratory environment and assess customer requirements for data acquisition, management, processing, and analysis strategy, overcoming their most serious challenges and providing new opportunities.

TetraScience is uniquely qualified to run such engagements. Our team has robust experience with scientific data models, cloud data management, and understanding of critical scientific workflows, from early stage discovery through manufacturing.

Further, through working with dozens of life science customers (ranging from startup biotechs to pharmaceutical enterprises) we have collected and crowdsourced a series of best practices for modern data strategy. Our network of instrument and software partners gives us specific insight into their software and the way they handle data.

Our capabilities range from simple observations & providing full findings reports to delivering data models & providing cloud support for your team or the entire organization.

Ultimately, our aim is to help your company reach superior R&D performance by highlighting cost-savings, boosting efficiency, and helping your team plan for the near- and long-term when it comes to data.

Consulting Engagement

There are a variety of ways in which TetraScience can partner with your organization as a collaborative consultant.

Here are some of the most common engagements:

  • Better understanding of the data sources to be integrated

  • User interface and dashboard needs

  • Data management and storage needs (ELN/LIMS, cloud, data warehouse)

  • Data Lake vs Data Warehouse

  • Data preparation, visualization, modeling, and other topics

All of the above is documented in a Findings Report, captured through a series of workshops, and shadowing sessions and on-site or remote engagements. It is our job to illustrate to you the direct link between improved data strategy and more robust R&D pipelines.

Technical / Engineering Deliverables

TetraScience is able to provide technical and engineering work as well, outside of the Data Integration Engine platform.

These engagements can be one-off, custom sessions as needed or month-long engagement.

  • Data models from TetraScience’s library
    ∙Configured for your organization

  • ETL pipelines (customized integrations, parsers) development

  • LIMS/ELN Migration

  • Cloud data management support

  • On-prem-to-cloud migration services (recommendations, project management, etc)

  • Qualified DevOps management (containerization, infrastructure automation, setting up monitoring, and many more)

  • Cloud architecture

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