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Problem that Life Sciences Faces

While pharma innovation is flouring...
Return on late-stage portfolio is declining.
Need opportunities to streamline processes throughout the value chain

Diagnosing the decline in Pharmaceutical R&D efficiency - Published: 01 March 2012

Why You Need A Digital Lab

Fragmentation is an inherent nature of Life Sciences data ecosystem.

Manually integrating and analyzing scientific data from heterogeneous sources and formats causes the following inefficiencies and inabilities in performing day-to-day activities in Pharma and Life Sciences companies:

Scientific Activities

  • Collecting, cleaning up, transferring and sharing data, while ensuring data integrity and compliance

  • Performing scientific data analysis

Organizational Activities

  • Prepare for Investigational New Drug (IND) filings and FDA inspection

  • Generate report for Quality Control (example: control charting, batch comparison)

Aggregate Analytics

  • Detect deviations in quality / batches / experimental methods to prevent delay in tech transfer, scale up, and even clinical trials

  • Gain insights across a fleet of instruments, R&D sites, over time and across distinct data sets from different measurements or analytical techniques

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