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Lab Operations & Management with GeneWEAVE

GeneWEAVE, a division of Roche Molecular Diagnostics.

A key responsibility and constant challenge for laboratory operations managers is to ensure smooth operation of the lab in a safe and efficient manner. The success and productivity of the business, as well as the underlying scientific discovery program, is closely tied to effective operation and management of the lab.


GeneWEAVE focuses on advancing clinical microbiology with diagnostic solutions to aid healthcare providers in the fight against drug-resistant bacteria.

GeneWEAVE’s technology offers groundbreaking class of molecular diagnostics that quickly identifies multidrug-resistant organisms. Their Smarticles technology assesses antibiotic susceptibility directly from clinical samples, without the need for traditional time-intensive culture or sample preparation processes.

GeneWEAVE was seeking a solution to improve the efficiency of its processes, gain better operational insights and reduce experimental risk. TetraScience was selected due to its easy implementation and cloud-based dashboard enabling live monitoring, management, and instant alerts and notifications.

In the spring of 2015, TetraScience technology was deployed across the entire manufacturing and R&D departments to monitor freezers, incubators, and glove boxes. Over 40 team members interact with TetraScience hardware and cloud dashboards regularly—making TetraScience a key part of their everyday workflows

Acquired by Roche in August 2015, GeneWEAVE plans to expand their use of TetraScience in 2016.


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