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Freezer Monitoring with Epiva Therapeutics

Laboratory freezers hold invaluable samples, but unexpected equipment failures can send research back months, if not years. To find piece of mind, researchers are using TetraScience to ensure that their laboratory is never any further than the smartphone in their pocket. Access to real-time monitoring and user-configurable email and text message alerts allow researchers to stop worrying about their samples and focus on what matters.

Epiva Therapeutics 

Epiva, based in Cambridge, MA, is developing ImmunobioticTM therapeutics, a novel class of primed bacterial interventions designed to restore normo-biosis, the microbiome signature normally found in healthy people, to treat conditions characterized by inflammation and aberrant immune responses.

Epiva selected TetraScience to fulfill three requirements: to effectively monitor their equipment, to reduce the cost of experimental loss, and to ensure no deviations to their precise experimental controls.

The first weekend following TetraScience’s deployment across all of Epiva’s freezers, one went down due to mechanical failure:

“The -80C freezer, which contained samples from a clinical study that cost us more than $1M to conduct over a 3-month period along with a variety of other biological reagents purchased at considerable cost, [failed].  Fortunately for us, we had installed TetraScience temperature monitoring just four days prior. The monitoring system immediately notified my team that our freezer was no longer holding temperature and we were able to prevent the loss and keep our work on track! Importantly, as the freezer failure occurred over the weekend, samples would have sat at elevated temperature until Monday morning, which undoubtedly would have compromised the samples.”

Epiva found working with TetraScience to be “a tremendously positive experience from [their] initial meeting through installation and ongoing operation.”

“The setup was very fast, the system is intuitive and easy to configure and use, and the customer support has been outstanding. We are extremely confident that TetraScience is protecting our valuable samples and data.”


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