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Drug Development with Boston-based Pharma

TetraScience helps companies track and prevent experimental failures during stability and lifetime testing for pharmaceutical compounds. Throughout the duration of the study, data is automatically logged and stored in the cloud for easy access by researchers for analysis and reporting.

In early 2015, one of our customers, a large pharmaceutical company, was in the final stages of approval of a groundbreaking multi-billion dollar drug. A final, remaining step was to conduct an accelerated lifetime test to ensure efficacy and safety.

Scientists had to perform a lifetime test within a very narrow tolerance limit. Any prolonged deviation would require the test to be restarted, resulting in a delayed time-to-market and loss of 6 weeks worth of work.

Leaving nothing to chance, this customer turned to TetraScience to help monitor their experiment because of the simplicity, reliability, and sensitivity of our technology.

Approximately 1 month into the 1.5 month-long test, one of the critical experiments for this important study experienced a disastrous deviation late at night. Within seconds, TetraScience’s cloud-enabled technology detected the deviation and alerted their scientists that an error had occurred. The deviation was caught immediately, and the experiment was recovered quickly.

Without TetraScience’s monitoring and alerting capabilities, the crisis would have cost this customer an estimated $30+ million in delayed revenue and added operational costs.




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