July 30, 2021
R&D Data Cloud

What is an R&D Data Cloud? (And Why Should You Care?)

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What does it take to implement an end-to-end, cloud-native solution for unlocking and extracting value from your R&D data? Whether you are a decision maker, scientist, data scientist, or in R&D IT, you play a critical role in accelerating discovery and shortening time-to-market for new therapeutics

TL;DR If you are performing one of the above roles, we invite you to read this whitepaper and explore why traditional approaches to solving the problem of data proliferation, data silos, and end-to-end data and lab automation frequently fail or miss the mark. You will learn how an R&D Data Cloud offers a better approach to scientific data management and value extraction. 

You know why R&D data is important

R&D data represents a huge and largely untapped store of value for biopharma organizations. Mastering data accelerates discovery: it lets you do science better, collaborate more smoothly, broaden pipeline, negotiate regulatory hurdles, and get new therapeutics to market faster. It lets you leverage and/or build applications — including AI/ML — that grant scientific and strategic insight, enable course-correction, improve quality assurance, and help automate away manual steps at the bench.

Here’s what you need to know to tap its value

Doing this, however, requires a new category of solution that treats the meaning and significance of R&D data as a priority, gives data a genuine life cycle, and then takes responsibility for that life cycle (for ensuring data’s validity and helping extract its full value) end-to-end. Enter: the R&D Data Cloud.

So what’s in it for you: Benefits of an R&D Data Cloud

Our new whitepaper, (aptly enough) called What is an R&D Data Cloud? identifies four characteristics mandatory for such an optimal solution: it must be R&D-focused, data-centric, cloud-native, and open.

The table below highlights how a purpose-built solution for life sciences R&D fuels innovation and what significant gains can be achieved based on your organizational role: 

The take-away  

Whatever your biopharma R&D focus, if you’re seeking to derive maximum long-term value from R&D data, please check out our whitepaper, What is an R&D Data Cloud? And if you’re ready to see a real R&D Data Cloud in operation and talk more about how it can help you accelerate discovery, please contact us for a demo.

Decision Maker Scientists and
Data Scientists
Accelerates time-to-value
  • Purpose-engineered platform delivers benefits quickly
  • Reduced data wrangling speeds time to market, extends time under patent
Accelerates time-to-insight
  • More time exploring data, less time wrangling
  • Harmonized data reveals hidden insights
Accelerates implementation
  • Get going fast with a complete solution
  • Robust, productized integrations speed scale-out
Reduces toil, enables collaboration
  • Less data wrangling with harmonized data
  • Smooth collaboration with CROs/CDMOs
Makes data FAIR
  • Use your own tools and benefit from OOTB integrations
  • Faster, easier search
Future-proofs data strategy
  • Focus on building strategic applications
  • Cloud scalability
Aids compliance
  • Regulatory guardrails built-in
  • All transactions auditable
Increases Data Integrity
  • Eliminates human error
  • Facilitates data validation
Simplifies operations
  • Resilient architecture
  • Built-in monitoring

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