Allotrope Foundation

The Allotrope Foundation is a consortium of large pharmaceutical companies that are driving standardization amongst analytical data.

As a member of the partner network, we've had the fortune of presenting our vision for business models that support the R&D ecosystem.

The challenge of data standardization

The Allotrope Foundations is creating a framework for data standardization (called the Allotrope Data Format - ADF) with a prescribed set of ontologies. The framework being constructed aggregates critical components of data in to a single file: instrument information, sample metadata, and experimental data.

By creating a single data standard for individual types of experiments, scientist are able to associate critical metadata with experimental data, and perform broad-based analyses independent of instrument.

Partnership technology

Free tool: ADF file converter

Convert files into the Allotrope Data Format (ADF). Our ADF converter follows the leaf node approach.

ADF file converter

Waters Empower → ADF

Ensuring the ADF stores standardized chromatography data and metadata is essential to the successful adoption of the Allotrope Framework across the industry.

Current chromatography data systems (CDS) were developed using proprietary software and data formats, thus limiting the downstream use of the data generated by these systems. Selected as one of the CDS use cases, the TetraScience-Empower converter will help develop and test the Allotrope Data Model and generate a functional ADF file for LC-UV’s.

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