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Scientific AI Readiness Assessment
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Scientific AI Readiness Assessment

Assess the Scientific AI readiness of your organization related to the most fundamental aspect – your data

The biopharmaceutical industry is at a tipping point. With the development of new therapies taking more than ten years on average and consuming more than $2B companies need to change their approach. A key strategy is to move away from expensive and time-consuming work performed by humans and to leverage digital technologies. These include Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning, in silico, and digital twins. 

Unfortunately many organizations have difficulties leveraging AI technologies and realizing performance gains. All these methods are highly data and domain knowledge dependent and have one prerequisite in common: the access to the right data in the right quality and the right amount. he complexity of scientific data if adding on the hurdles biopharmaceutical organizations encounter on their journey of Scientific AI.

Take this short survey and learn how ready your organization is to efficiently and effectively take advantage of Scientific AI through the right scientific data strategy to accelerate and improve business outcomes.


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